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Refund Policy

THEDESTINYGODS LLC offers a no questions asked full refund to all its customers within 7 days of a request for “immediate service”, in addition to your legal rights, if the service has not been started yet.

For thedestinygods.com, services will be deemed to have started once a booster has been assigned to complete the service and a good faith effort has been made to start the completion of your service.

As an example, a “levelling” service will be deemed to have started once a levelling partner has accepted the assignment.

When a thedestinygods.com service is purchased, a service level commitment will be offered and you will be notified of an estimated completion time through the purchase process on the website.

This will generally be within a range, e.g.: 1-3 days.

The upper limit of the range is considered to be the “Estimated Time”.

Once a service is deemed to have started, your right to a refund arises only after the expiration of DOUBLE the Estimated Time and only in the event that the service has not been fulfilled. Specific withdrawal rules are available at the bottom of this page for specific departments.

More detailed rules may also be available in the specific service page.

Your right to a refund is limited solely to the unfulfilled part of the service.

The level of fulfilment of the service will be agreed between us and you, according to reasonable evidence, and our agreement will not unreasonably be withheld.

We reserve the right under certain circumstances to issue refunds that comprise partially cash and partially credit where full refunds are not applicable. Where full refunds are not applicable, we will only consider refunds where there has been no evidence of material non-cooperation.

We always reserve the right to offer discretionary or ex-gratia refunds where, without prejudice, we consider the circumstances are appropriate.

Credit Refunds, after the expiry of the withdrawal period

We believe you always have the right to change your mind or change the service you require, even after the expiry of the withdrawal period. If a service is deemed to have started and is within its estimated completion time, and you change your mind, or change the service you require, we will issue a credit refund for the unfulfilled element of the service.


Destiny 2

For Destiny 2, the following specific rules also apply:

a. For Trials of Osiris services, cash refunds can be issued in case you purchase a Trials of Osiris service during the weekend and it is not completed by the end of the rotation on Tuesdays.

In that case, you can:

– receive a cash refund for the part of the service that was not completed in time

– move your Trials service to the next weekend (compensations/bonuses may apply according to the case)

– change your order into something else with a full Blazing Points (Credit) refund. Compensations may apply according to the case.

b. In case of price fluctuations, you agree that TheDestinyGods is not obliged to issue a cash refund for any price difference. Specifically, the price for Trials of Osiris services is subject to being volatile due to supply/demand over the weekend and the unforeseeable rewards that TheDestinyGods, alongside the whole playerbase, discover on Friday evenings with no prior warning.

c. Price fluctuations for preorders entail the customer to receive a Credit refund for the difference (if the price goes down). However, purchasing a preorder service at a higher price also grants higher priority and other benefits, hence why the topic shall always be discussed on Discord to find the best solution that suits your interests. 

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