Exotic Catalyst Completion


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The warmind DLC has added a number of Exotic Weapon Catalyst to the mix that require a mix of skill and long grind. Let us complete them for you so you can maximize your exotic weapon collection.

Each offering will complete the necessary steps to finish the given catalyst for your weapon.

Must have the catalyst unlocked unless specifically listed that we acquire the catalyst as well.

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PC, Playstation, XBox


Graviton Lance Catalyst Completion, D.A.R.C.I., Crimson Hand Cannon, Borealis Sniper, Tractor Cannon, Prometheus Lens, Coldheart, Wardcliff Coil, Merciless, MIDA Multi-Tool, Riskrunner, The Colony, Vigilance Wing, Jade Rabbit, Huckleberry, Skyburner's Oath, Worldline Zero, Sweet Business, Sunshot, Polaris Lance


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