Destiny 2 Black Armory Nightfall Specific Loot Farming


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With 14 different nightfall strikes currently in Destiny 2’s Black Armory DLC there is a variety of rare and powerful loot to chase. Whether you want that specific gun you’ve been dying over or just want to complete your collection we can do the farming for you to get the weapon you need.

Every option includes guaranteed receipt of the chosen NF specific item. We will farm the specific nightfall during the week it is available and get you the chosen item guaranteed.

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PC, Playstation, XBox


D.F.A Hand Cannon, BrayTech Osprey Rocket, Duty Bound Auto Rifle, Silicon Neuroma Sniper, Tilt Fuse Exotic Sparrow, Impact Velocity Exotic Sparrow, Trichromatica Exotic Ghost, Universal Wavefunction Exotic Ship, Militia\'s Birthright Grenade Launcher, Worm God Incarnation Transmat Effect, The Long Goodbye Sniper, Mindbender\'s Ambition Shotgun, Warden\'s Law Hand Cannon, Horror\'s Least Pulse Rifle


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