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Division Resistance 10 Wave Gear Farm


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Looking for those elusive Classified Gear drops outside of Global Events? We’ve got the best way to farm classified gear; Resistance. Added in patch 1.8 we will do a 10 wave run to get the special cache and you get all drops from the team as well. Buy 1 run or buy 10, let us do the heavy lifting.


Each purchase is for 1 10 wave resistance run with 2 chests with 57% classified & 14% exotic chance + 1 Tier 2 Cache with a 23% exotic & 12.5% classified chance

Note: Each run has 3-4 man team and 6-8 pieces drops.

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2 reviews for Division Resistance 10 Wave Gear Farm

  1. BBANGS19 (verified owner)

    Great service. Ordered 15 resistance waves was done the next day. Got full sentry classified almost two others. Would use them again.

  2. bill (verified owner)

    Absolutely great service. Easy/quick communication. They shot me an invite exactly when they said they would, and then shot threw a few waves of P93 like a hot knife threw butter. I highly recommend.

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